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Vein Treatments

Vein Specialists & Medical Aesthetics near Tacoma, WA

Vein Treatments

If you have visible veins that are unsightly or cause pain, you may feel that you don’t look or feel like yourself anymore. Our experienced physician, Dr. Mark Kim, at Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics offers vein treatments that improve vein health and reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins.


For more information about vein treatments for the legs, arms, face, or hands, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

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Vein Treatments

What are varicose veins and spider veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged veins that can be visible, unsightly, and cause pain or cramping, especially in the legs. Varicose veins occur when faulty vein valves don’t close tightly enough to regulate the one-way flow of blood from the feet back to the heart, allowing blood to pool and enlarge the vein walls over time.

Spider veins are clusters of small blood vessels that are visible just below the surface of the skin. They generally appear red, blue, or purple, and are typically seen on the thighs, lower legs, and face. Spider veins are not usually uncomfortable, so they are generally more of a cosmetic concern rather than a serious health threat.

What causes varicose veins or spider veins?

Varicose veins, and in some cases spider veins, usually arise from venous reflux disease, but it isn’t clear exactly what causes this illness. There are some risk factors associated with venous reflux disease, including:

  • Family history

  • Obesity

  • A history of blood clots

  • Occupations that require excessive standing

  • Birth control pills

  • Hormone replacement therapy

Varicose veins frequently arise, or become worse, during pregnancy.

What are the different types of vein treatments?

The qualified professionals at Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics are skilled at a number of different techniques that alleviate pain and improve the appearance of varicose and spider veins.

Varicose vein treatments:

  • VenaSeal™ uses a medical adhesive to close the vein

  • Venefit™ (formerly known as the VNUS closure), uses radiofrequency ablation to gently heat the vein from within, causing it to collapse and seal shut

  • Varithena®, a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved, injectable microfoam that expands within the vein, sealing it shut

Spider vein treatments:

  • Asclera, an FDA-approved injection that causes spider veins to collapse and become sealed

  • Veinwave™ uses thermocoagulation to safely heat spider veins and close them instantly

  • Laser sclerotherapy (also called laser vein therapy) uses a focused beam of light to irritate vein walls, causing them to collapse

What treatments are available for face and hand veins?

Facial veins may be spider veins, or they may be blood vessels that have become inflamed due to rosacea, sun exposure, and other contributors. Veinwave and laser sclerotherapy are options to treat facial veins.

Veins that are visible on the hands are not necessarily dysfunctional; hand veins become more obvious as you age, but Asclera is an option for reducing their appearance. Another option is to fill out the skin volume of your hands with injectable dermal fillers.

To learn more about vein treatments at Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics, call the office or schedule a free consultation online.

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