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Win the Battle of the Bulge With CoolSculpting®

Are you tired of seeing those unwanted bulges on your body? You don’t have to live with them any longer, and you don’t have to undergo painful surgery to remove them.

CoolSculpting® — a revolutionary FDA-cleared aesthetic treatment that freezes and destroys fat cells in those trouble spots that you just can’t eliminate with diet and exercise — can help you win the battle of the bulge. CoolSculpting is not a surgical procedure; there are no stitches or incisions. Once your in-office treatment is over, you can get up and go about your normal day.

This popular aesthetic procedure is safe and effective — the treatment has even been performed live on the Good Morning America program. And you’re in good hands with board-certified Dr. Mark Kim at Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics, who provides CoolSculpting to freeze away fat for many of his patients.

What trouble spots does CoolSculpting address?

CoolSculping helps reveal a more-defined shape. It works on those areas most people have trouble with:

  • Belly bulge

  • Thighs

  • Muffin top around the waist; love handles

  • Upper arms

  • Upper/lower back

  • Beneath the chin/jawline

Each procedure results in eliminating 20%-25% of the fat in the treated area.

What happens during a CoolSculpting treatment?

It depends on the areas being treated, but the procedure takes from 35 minutes to about an hour. To begin, your Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics expert smooths a gel over the treatment area before placing the CoolSculpting device over the gel.

The temperature is lowered to near freezing, but don’t worry — the CoolSculpting device uses patented vacuum technology to destroy the fat cells while the surrounding skin remains unharmed. You don’t freeze, but the CoolSculpting process destroys the integrity of the treated fat cells. They die and move out of your body through your lymphatic system.

You may feel a mild sensation of pulling, tugging, cold, tingling, cramping, or stinging during the beginning of the treatment, but those feelings disappear as the treatment area grows numb. In addition, you might experience redness, swelling, bruising, firmness, stinging, or tenderness in the treatment area afterward, but it should dissipate within hours or a day or two.

We also pair Smart-Wave™, technology with CoolSculpting, using a device that emits a special soundwave to enhance your CoolSculpting results. In the past, practitioners used massage immediately after the procedure to complete the treatment. The Smart-Wave device uses sound waves to accomplish the same objective in a more efficient and consistent manner — in just a few minutes.

Following your CoolSculpting treatment, you begin to see results as soon as four weeks and final results in about three months.

Can I treat more than one trouble spot at a time?

Yes! Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics offers DualSculpting™, meaning we can treat two separate areas during one in-office session. Many of those trouble spots come in twinsets — thighs, love handles, arms. DualSculpting allows you to complete your treatments in half the time it would take without this technology.

If you’ve been battling those pockets of fat and you’re ready to banish them for good, find out what CoolSculpting can do for you. Call Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics for all of your vein and aesthetic treatment needs.


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