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What are NovaThreads and Why is Everyone Talking About Them?

If you’re drawn to idea of a face-lift but would rather skip the hassle of surgery, downtime, potential pain, and expense, NovaThreads may be your best option. The minimally invasive cosmetic treatment can help you attain a more youthful facial appearance without a single incision.

To get started with NovaThreads treatment, schedule an appointment at Eterna Vein and Medical Aesthetics.

NovaThreads basics

NovaThreads contain polydioxanone (PDO), a very safe, absorbable material that has been used for decades by surgeons. As the PDO is absorbed by your skin, it stimulates your body’s production of collagen, a protein you naturally lose with age and that plays an important role in skin’s volume and smoothness.

With NovaThreads, we insert PDO threads below the surface of your skin, gradually working to improve the appearance of your face and/or neck. Benefits last for three to six months if we’ve treated your face or up to 12-18 months if we lifted your neck.

NovaThreads appearance benefits

Smooth NovaThreads can function as a filler, adding volume to your cheeks and lips. The barbed NovaThreads lift and support tissue, making them very useful for raising the cheeks and brow area, sculpting the jawline, and even tightening your neck.

The thread treatments can lift facial areas a few millimeters, making for very natural-looking results.

What NovaThreads treatment is like

NovaThreads sessions take around an hour. About 30 minutes of your session is spent preparing your skin. The actual procedure takes 15-30 minutes, during which we make injections in your skin to serve as pathways for the PDO threads.

Some people experience mild soreness, redness, or swelling once the threads are injected, but overall, it’s a gentle and well-tolerated process.

NovaThreads treatment aftercare

After NovaThread treatment, most people can get straight back to their usual activities. You could even have the treatment over a lunch break and then go back to work.

While your skin heals, do not rub your face vigorously for at least one week. We may also recommend propping your head up a bit while sleeping at first, to prevent rolling directly onto your face.

NovaThread safety

Not only is NovaThread treatment minimally invasive, but it’s less likely to cause side effects, compared to other cosmetic procedures. There’s basically no risk of bruising or severe bleeding. Although unlikely, the most you might experience would be some amount of irritation or infection, both of which we can easily address.

Ideal NovaThread candidates

Many people can benefit from NovaThread treatment. You may be an ideal candidate if you’re between your late 30s and mid-50s and have mild to moderate levels of skin laxity. NovaThreads can also provide a useful alternative for people who can’t have cosmetic surgery due to a medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Learn much more by calling or visiting our office. Our team at Eterna Vein and Medical Aesthetics would love to assist you in any way we can.


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