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8 Amazing Benefits of The Icon™ Laser

Over the course of time, your skin changes and flaws become more obvious. And it used to be that multiple issues were handled at different times. This is no longer the case, as the Icon™ Laser offers many amazing benefits, and can resolve a number of skin conditions at the same time.

At Eterna Vein & Aesthetics in Puyallup, Washington, Dr. Mark Kim and Dr. Robert W. Osborne Jr. have created a state-of-the-art facility that offers full medical and aesthetic treatments. The Icon Laser’s technology fits perfectly with our mission: to provide you the best therapies and the ultimate results. Our staff is expertly trained and certified with the Icon and ready to address all of your skin concerns.

It’s all about the Icon

Laser resurfacing has been around for a while, and uses beams of light to correct skin issues. The process removes layers of skin, which is why it’s been called a laser peel. But it was designed to deal with one issue at a time and can be a bit harsh. The Icon is far more adaptable, preserves your outer layer of skin, and is safe, effective, and noninvasive.

As we age, we make less collagen and the quality of it declines. Because collagen is one of the most vital proteins in our body and gives structure to our skin, bones, tendons, and tissues, its loss can be devastating. Cosmetically, it means less healthy, looser, and dull-looking skin.

The Icon delivers energy into your skin. The heat that’s produced destroys the damaged tissue, but also stimulates collagen production and the creation of healthy, new skin tissue. This is what makes your skin look vibrant and more youthful.

8 top benefits of the Icon Laser

For a long time, we needed various pieces of equipment to deal with each individual skin concern. But with the Icon Laser, in addition to being able to precisely handle a number of specific issues, we adjust the laser as we work, allowing us to accomplish several procedures at once. This is much more convenient and saves you a lot of time. Here are eight more amazing benefits of the Icon Laser:

1. New collagen production

Healthy collagen is the gold standard and the basis for healthy skin. This is a major benefit of the Icon Laser.

2. Gentle and non-ablative

Unlike traditional laser treatments, Icon Laser doesn’t remove the outer layer of skin, so it causes no harm to the epidermis (the thinner, surface layer of your skin). In addition to less downtime, this also means the redness and irritation that can occur with other laser treatments will be reduced.

3. Quicker recovery times and faster results

Because it moves into the dermis (the second, thicker layer of your skin) and leaves the epidermis unharmed, recovery time is within days. And since we can do several procedures at once, you’ll see faster results.

4. Acne scars

The laser breaks down scar tissue and reduces its appearance, and then stimulates the growth of new tissue.

5. Lines and wrinkles

Instead of needing injections and fillers, this procedure can reduce the signs of crow’s feet and those wrinkles and lines around your eyes and lips that make you look older.

6. Effects of aging and age spots

In addition to the lines and wrinkles, as the skin gets older it becomes less elastic, drier, and shows more age or brown spots. Reducing or eliminating these issues makes you look younger.

7. Sun damage

You may love being in the sun, but the damage it can cause is serious, and it prematurely ages your skin. Freckles, sun spots, and other types of sun damage are also treated with the Icon. And of course, we always stress good sun protection at all times.

8. Tone and texture

If your skin is missing that healthy, youthful “spring,” and your tone and texture are uneven and flat, it’s because of less collagen and elastin. The Icon regenerates both and smoothes out your skin.

The amazing Icon Laser allows us to take care of these issues at the same time. And while you may need a few treatments to achieve your goals, you’ll notice the benefits right away. Call us to set up an appointment now.


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