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Product of the Month for December

ColorScience's All Calm! Get 10% off on this redness correcting and calming product all month long! SkinCare club members get 15% off in December. All Calm has SPF 50 protection and a soothing complex that tames irritated skin. It is chemical free, mineral based and provides ongoing relief for sensitive, red skin.

Call or stop in to purchase! 253-268-3400



The 12 Days of Christmas 

December 2nd through December 17th

We will be offering a different special for each of the first 12 business days of December, in celebration of the holidays! Each special is only available on the day it is offered. If you are interested, please call the office to purchase the special and place it on your account for future use. You are welcome to schedule during your phone call! Each special will be posted on Facebook & Instagram. Please follow our pages to catch them and don’t wait to take advantage of the specials you are interested in!


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