Give Your Skin the Gift of Pharmaceutical-Grade Skin Care Products

If you do an Internet search for “skin care products,” you get 3.5 trillion results in less than a second. Heading to your local store to scout the aisles of over-the-counter skin care products isn’t any less confusing. Rather than sifting through the seemingly endless products that make promise after promise, why not turn to the products that skin care professionals recommend and have access to?

At Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics, our team of highly qualified aestheticians has done their research, and we understand what truly works when it comes to making a noticeable difference in your skin. We make these products available to our clients in Puyallup, Washington, so that they don’t waste their precious time and money on ineffective skin care solutions.

With the holidays upon us, why not make this year the one you give your skin the gift of pharmaceutical-grade skin care products?

The difference between pharmaceutical-grade and over-the-counter products

When you go to the store to buy skin care products, you’re met by a barrage of marketing claims that promise to do everything from eliminating wrinkles to making age spots magically disappear. And they often have the right ingredients to back up these claims.

The problem is that there generally aren’t high enough levels of these ingredients to truly make a difference in your skin. The best analogy is to compare those whitening strips you buy in the grocery store to a professional whitening at your dentist’s office. While both rely on the same bleaching agents, the ingredients your dentists uses are far more concentrated and powerful.

The same holds true for skin care products. We’re not saying that your favorite creams, cleansers, and serums aren’t effective, but their impact is very limited. Conversely, the skin care products we offer are generally only available through authorized providers who specialize in medical aesthetics, like our team here at Eterna.

These products include:

All of these products are well-researched and backed by science, and thoroughly vetted by our team.

Pharmaceutical-grade skin care products can save you money

While giving yourself the gift of pharmaceutical-grade skin care products may seem indulgent, in reality you’re likely saving money by purchasing products that truly work. If you add up the money you’ve spent on ineffectual products over the years, the final tally will likely surprise you, and you may have little to show for it.

With our select products, you pay a little more, but the money isn’t wasted as you realize your skin care goals.

Don’t shop in the dark

Another advantage to purchasing your skin care products through us is that we can help guide you in the right direction for optimal results. As aestheticians, we have the training necessary to determine which products will benefit each of our clients most. Rather than wasting time and money buying product after product, we can sit down with you, review your skin care concerns, and tailor a treatment plan for your unique goals.

So don’t keep throwing good money after bad when it comes to your skin care. Contact us at 253-268- 3400 to give your skin a holiday treat with our medical-grade products.

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