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At Home Facials during Covid-19 Outbreak

Stuck at home from Covid-19 and missing your skin care appointments? Though nothing can take the place of an effective and relaxing treatment at Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics, you do have options for home treatments

Our Master Aestheticians suggest trying one of these three "At Home" facials from ZO SkinHealth:


Do you have questions about which At Home facial you should try? Give us a call to get your questions answered. Our skin care professionals are available to help you! Should you need to purchase any ZO SkinHealth products to complete your At Home Facial, please call the office at 253-268-3400 or visit our website! 

Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics Eterna Vein & Medical Aesthetics is filled with talented, intelligent staff members! This work has been collaborated on by more than one of those individuals. We proudly present you this information as a team.

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